McAfee LifeSafe is a great antivirus program, which was designed by Mcafee. It is not merely one of the best antivirus software out there but also among the most pricey. That being said, it has always maintained me kept up to date with fresh virus dangers and malware installations. To check this software program, I downloaded it and installed this on my laptop to test it. I have been having problems with this application since I installed that on my computer.

Earliest trouble I faced with this program was that this did not discover any virus on my computer. It advertised to identify viruses and spyware but nothing to happened. The next thing I did was going to ask Mcafee support nevertheless they told me that I had carried out something wrong. Then i decided to send the software for a support check from Mcafee. I delivered it and that they informed me that my pc was not afflicted with any kind of virus or perhaps worm.

Some other issue I confronted with the software is that it would not allow me to take away IE options. I visited “select” and nothing happened. Finally, I decided to open an assistance ticket and mess up the response. They informed me that I should use “expert mode” when enhancing my pc because it would definitely scan exactly what is on my computer. Well, not only did that they delete my files although also broken my computer beyond restore. The The security software Livesafe Assessment is essential to achieve very great one in case you are having problems with this program.